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JCK - N.C Wood Filler | NC Putty For Wood

Wood Filler in India - NC Putty For Wood

Product Code:

01206 N.C Wood Filler Natural
01231 N.C Wood Filler Mahogany
01237 N.C Wood Filler Oak
01239 N.C Wood Filler Teak
01241 N.C Wood Filler Walnut
01243 N.C Wood Filler Pine
01244 N.C Wood Filler Beech

Product Description

JCK - N.C Wood Filler is Nitrocellulose based filler for wood.

Performance Features & Benefits

JCK - N.C Wood Filler is a quick drying product available in seven shades viz. Natural, Mahogany, Oak, Teak, Walnut,Pine and Beech. After curing the product shows good sandability, minimum shrinkage, good hardness and could be lacquered or polished. Its faster drying characteristic helps in completing wood finishing job faster.

Recommended Usage

JCK - N.C Wood Filler can be used for filling dents, knots, nail holes, gaps, splits, cracks and unevenness present on wooden surfaces.

Recommended Application

Make sure that one coat of primer or sealer is applied as undercoat for JCK - N.C Wood Filler. Surface should be free from dust and loose particles. Apply JCK - N.C Wood filler with putty knife on dents, holes, cracks and knots. When a layer is dried, a new can be applied. The final layer should be applied little above the surface. If required use N.0 Thinner for adjusting viscosity. Sand it after 1/2 an hour with emery paper no 320. Wipe the surface to clean off any loose dust particles. It can be over coated with JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer and JCK - N.C Clear Topcoats.

Technical Data

  • Coverage* — Approx. 4 — 5 sq.mtr/kg/coat. (It depends on quality of wood and thickness of film.)
  • Drying Time : Dry to touch time — 30 minutes, Recoating time — 1 Hr
  • Flash Point : (IS 101/1987, Part 1, Sec 6) : below 5°C (41° F)
  • Shelf Life: 2 Years from the date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers kept away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

Pack size availability:

250 Gms 500 Gms

This Information is issued by JCK Coating Industries, Bldg No.377, A-1, Sector IV, Kandla Special Economic Zone, Gandhidham (Kutch)-370230, Gujarat, India. However JCK Coating Industries shall not guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.


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