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JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer Premium


Product Description

JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer Premium is Nitrocellulose based Sealer for wood.

Performance Features & Benefits

JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer Premium is a quick drying, high-build clear wood sealer with great transparency. It can effectively seal and fill pores in wood. Reduce the effect of unevenness in wood surfaces and strengthens the adherence of the topcoat with the surface. Its faster drying and easy sanding characteristic helps in completing wood finishing job faster.

Recommended Usage

JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer Premium can be used for finishing of wooden surfaces. It is recommended as an undercoat for Clear N.C based Wood finishes

Recommended Application

Sand the wooden surface along the grains using emery paper no. 180. This should be followed by smooth sanding with emery paper no. 320. Wipe the surface to clean off loose dust particles.

Apply coating as follows :-

  Thinner Dilution %(by vol) Application viscosity (sec)
JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer Premium Coat 1st Spraying JCK NC Lacquer Thinner (71100) 150 – 200 18 – 20 sec
Sand with emery paper 320 or 400 and wipe clean      
JCK - N.C. Sanding Sealer Premium nd Coat 2 Spraying JCK NC Lacquer Thinner (71100) 150 – 200 18 – 20 sec

Note :

  • JCK - N.C. Grain filler can be used as filler under the JCK - N.C. Sanding Sealer
  • Sand the JCK - N.C Sanding Sealer Premium coat with emery paper 320 before application of Top coats.
  • Spraying - Air Pressure 2.2 to 2.8 Kgs/sq.cm
  • Application Viscosity as measured by Ford Cup B4 at 30° C

Pack size availability:

500 Ml 1 Ltr 1 USG 4 Ltr5 USG20 Ltr 50 USG 200 Ltr

This Information is issued by JCK Coating Industries, Bldg No.377, A-1, Sector IV, Kandla Special Economic Zone, Gandhidham(Kutch)-370230, Gujarat, India. However JCK Coating Industries shall not guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.


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