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JCK LF wood stains


Product Code : 6016 Cherry L .F Stain 6023 Black L.F Stain
6026 Red L.F Stain
6025 Blue L. F Stain
6027 Orange L.F Stain
6028 Yellow L.F Stain
6029 Grenn L.F Stain
6030 Brown L.F Stain
6031 Mahogany L.F Stain
6033 Dark Rich Mahogany
6034 Plum Mahogany L.F
6035 Rosewood L.F Stain
6037 Medium Oak L.F Stain
6039 Teak L.F Stain
6041 Walnut L.F Stain
6042 Yew L.F Stain

Product Description

JCK L. F Wood Stains is Light stable dye based solutions for wood.

Performance Features & Benefits

JCK L. F Wood Stains is a quick drying product available in sixteen shades viz. Cherry, Black, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, Green, Brown, Dark Rich Mahogany, Plum Mahogany, Rosewood, Medium Oak, Teak, Walnut and Yew. These are transparent shades which enhances beauty and natural grain pattern of wood.

Recommended Usage

JCK L.F Wood Stains can be used for coloring veneers, plywood, Natural wood. It is recommended for interior applications like, tables, chairs, dining room, office and bedroom furniture.

Recommended Application

Sand wooden surface with emery paper No.180 along the grains .Remove any dust particles and sand once again with emery paper No.320.Make sure that Surface should be free from dust and loose particles. Apply JCK L.F Wood Stain one or two coats with cotton rag, muslin or brush .It can be applied by dipping or spraying. It can be over coated with JCK - N.C. Sanding Sealer, JCK PU Basecoats, JCK AC Basecoat and JCK - N.C./AC/PU Clear topcoats. L.F. Stains can be directly mixed with N.0 Sanding Sealer or A.C. /P.U. Basecoats. This Product is miscible with JCK 1K PU Varnish. N.0 Thinner can be used as diluents for JCK L.F Stains

Technical Data

  • Coverage* : Aprox. 18 — 20 sq.mtr/Itr/coat. (It depends on quality of wood and thickness of film )
  • Drying Time : Dry to touch time N 10 minutes, Recoating time 30 Minutes
  • Spraying Air Pressure : 2.2 to 2.8 Kgs/sq.cm
  • Flash Point : (IS 101/1987, Part 1, Sec 6) : below 5 °C c) Shelf Life: 2 Year from date of manufacture in original tightly closed containers away from direct sunlight and excessive heat

*Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness.
* Containers should not be kept open for long time during application process which will result in drying and viscosity picks up of material.

Pack size availability:

1 Ltr 2.5 Ltr 5 Ltr

This Information is issued by JCK Coatings Industries, Bldg No.377, A-1, Sector IV, Kandla Special Economic Zone, Gandhidham (Kutch)-370230, Gujarat, India. However JCK Coatings Industry shall not guarantee for any specific product features and shall not establish a legally valid contractual relationship.


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