Water based PU Finish or Oil Based PU Finish, Which is better when compared?

PU Finishes are protective finish applied on wood to defend damage this will also enhance the natural wood. PU finishes are long lasting and ideal for everything, from floors to furniture. Its appearance varies from glossy to matte finishes. PU Finishes are easy to use; this can be brushed or sprayed. It offers peerless protection to the wood.

Polyurethane is available both in water based and oil based option. Not only that, each shade of PU Finish has matte & glossy effects. It is easy and safe to use. PU Finishes are quite expensive, but they provide high protection and improve the durability of the wood particle.

As said earlier, there are two types of PU Finishes water based & oil based. Water based finishes are well liked because of its low toxicity. Some results say that, Water based PU finishes will dry faster as compared to Oil based finishes. Some people think that water based PU are not durable as oil based, but some brands like us JCK Coating Industries are manufacturing highly durable products. Water based PU finishes is clear. It is good to apply on desks, bookcases, picture frames, etc.; mainly products that are not exposed to extreme.

Oil based Polyurethane appears more yellowish than water based. From previous days it is considered to be more durable than water based one and thus less maintenance is required. Oil based PU Finishes can be applied to things that are exposed to extreme heat. This is more applicable to kitchen table. It will continue yellow and get darker as time goes. This will take much time to dry as compared to water based poly. Also, this emits higher chemical odor.  This requires only less number of coats when compared to water based finish.

Use a respirator while working with oil based PU Finishes because it posses highly toxic odor. Remember to plan the timing because oil based poly takes time to dry. Keep in mind that not to apply oil based PU on light colored wood because this action will change its color to yellow.