How to Give Old Wood Furniture a New Look With a Different Finish

It’s a crazy job to give your old dull furniture a new look. It’s up to you creative idea the new look depends. Repainting old furniture is the easiest way for this. If you are looking for a professional look just grabbing a paint brush & paint is not enough. While repainting to get a professional look we have to perform some actions & we’ll give a brief idea about that.

Clean the surface – If the furniture is already painted then remove the old coating before doing a new coating. For this, you can use putty knife & scrappers. If the wood surface is oil based stain or finish, then use a trisodium phosphate solution to clean off the paint. Unless the existing surface is an oil-based stain or finish, scrap as much as you can & make sure that you don’t c the surface. After that, use a trisodium phosphate solution to clean off the rest painted. Using a tack cloth remove all dust from the surface.

Primer – As a next apply a smooth coat of primer, using paint roller or brush apply evenly. You can also use a spray primer.

Sanding – When the primer gets dry you have to sand the surface. Apply more coats of primer & don’t forget to sand between the coats.

Painting – Apply a layer of paint you have selected using paint roller, brush or spray. Instead of using single heavy coating do multiple thin coats. Don’t forget to keep a gap of at least 6 hours so that the previous layer will get dry. Also, do sanding between different layers of coatings using fine sandpaper.

Finishing – Apply a clear finish after letting the paint coating to dry. This will increase the beauty of your furniture & it will keep it safe from moist, light etc.