Guidelines to Choose the Right Wood Finish for Commercial and Industrial Projects

Yes, it’s woodworkers who change tree wood to some beautiful pieces of wooden furniture. They use wood finishes at the final stage for two reasons. One reason is to protect & other to beautify wood. A good quality wood finish can keep woods safe from moisture, sun etc. & can make it stunningly beautiful for years. So here we provide some guidelines to choose the Right Wood Finish for Commercial and Industrial projects.

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Is it Safe? – Before you apply any finish you must be sure about its safety. A good wood finish must be food safe – if using wooden serving bowls, plates etc. kid safe – if using woods for kids toys & furniture etc. & you can blindly trust JCK wood finishes for safety.

Sun & Moisture – It’s not a matter how strong the wood is, even a strong wood can get damaged by sun or water. A good finish can enhance the safety of the wood. So choose a wood finish that will prevent the penetration of sun & water into the wood & keep it safe for years.

What about Durability? – A good wood finish will keep wood in good shape for years & ours is for decades.

Ease of use – It must be easy to use by the woodworkers. Ensure that does it require any special machines to apply.

Final product – Must be aware of the final product. You must enquire that this particular wood finish will change the color of the wood? Will it be smooth? All these things must be known before applying.