Different Oil Finishes & Uses

Oil finishes such as Danish oil, linseed oil & teak oil is used to make wood’s grain prominent & this is mainly used for protecting wood products kept at the outdoor like benches, tables, and chairs in hospitality industries or in houses & wood utensils. Linseed or Danish Oil will provide a glow & will increase the durability of the product. It is said that linseed or Danish oil will protect the outdoor wood products & wood utensils because this will resist liquid.

danish oil

When compared Danish oil & Teak oil dries fast than linseed oil. It’ll take 12 plus hours to dry one single coat. Oil finishes are easy to apply. Danish Oil helps to bring out the beauty of the wood & provide protection.

All oil finishes are used to beautify the product & to protect the product. Woodworkers use oil finishes because this will enhance the beauty of the wood product. But while using oil finishes just keep this in mind that all finishes won’t suit in every wood type.

Danish Oil

Danish oil will give wood a natural wood-like with very less sheen. Danish Oil is simple to use and easy to maintain. Danish oil is a mixture of varnish & linseed oil. Then oil will enhance the beauty of the product & varnish will protect the wood.

Linseed Oil

Linseed oil is extracted from flax seed. Linseed oils dry very slowly. Mostly 12 plus hours are needed. Linseed oil creates a yellowish shadow to light woods. But Boiled linseed oil will dry faster than the normal.

Teak oil

It’s natural oil that protects teak decks from oxidation & degradation caused by the environment. This can be used on other wooden surfaces like Teak, Mahogany, Rosewood, etc. which, exposed to exterior weather conditions. Teak Oil can be used for outdoor or indoor furniture, cabinets, and Garden furniture. For maintenance of any kind of unvarnished wooden furniture.