5 Common Wood Finishing Problems

Wood reacts to climate change. This can cause cracking or splitting on the wood which will damage the furniture. So woodworkers will do wood finishing at the final stage to enhance the beauty & life of their product. This will improve the durability of the product.

But there are some common problems that all woodworkers face while they work. These problems are because of simple mistakes & can avoid the final surprising when you take care of these things while you work. So that you can enhance the beauty of the product they have done.

5 Common Wood Finishing Problems are,


The effect of the appearance of bubbles on the lacquer film. This can be caused by different reasons. Sometimes it’ll be the pores on the wood that trap air & forms bubbles on the surface or it’ll cause because of the bad brushing techniques or sometimes the lacquer applied dried too fast like this there are different reasons for bubbling.


Checking is a gentle way of cracking. But it does not go all the way of finishing but it forms an irregularity. Crazing is similar to checking but it breaks the finish deeper & wider. This can cause because of wrong application of finish means applying finish too thick, using a hard or brittle finish over a softer or flexible finish, or using the wrong finish.

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Orange Peel:

Orange peel is a condition in which the texture of the surface resembles the skin of orange. There are a lot of reasons for this condition. Reasons may include the lacquer applied will be too viscous, high spraying pressure, holding spray gun too closely or too far from the surface, etc. Be careful while doing finishes, so that it’s possible to avoid this situation in the future.

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Pin Holing:

It is the appearance of small but deep holes caused because of the bursting of air bubbles formed. These are some possible chances for the appearance of pinholes on the surface too heavy finish applied, the thickness of the lacquer applied etc.

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This is the visible when the coating is done incorrectly or when applied too viscous fluid, holding spray gun too close to the workpiece, sometimes the spray nozzle will be too large or irregular spraying action etc. This is the most experienced problem by all workers.

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