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JCK Light Weight Body Filler

Light Weight Body Filler - Body Filler For Wood

JCK Light Weight Body filler is a two component unsaturated polyester resin based filler for filling of dents and imperfections on metal substrates.


JCK Light Weight Body filler is an easy to apply and quick drying product. The Product offers excellent adhesion with high elasticity and high filling power. It has good rheological properties so filled surface can be leveled uniformly without pin holing or bubbling. Dry and wet sanding is recommended for smoothening of the surface.


JCK Light Weight Body filler can be used for finishing of bare metal e.g. Steel, Galvanized Iron and Aluminum or on cured primer surface applied substrates. It is recommended to use for filling dents, cracks and unevenness on metal surfaces

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Recommended Surface Preparation, Application Procedure & Sanding process

Before application, the surface should be dry, clean and free from oil, grease, loose particles, dust etc. Sand down the surface with P180 no. emery paper & clean the surface with dry clothes in final step. Mix desired amount of JCK light weight body filler with approximately 2 % hardener paste on clean, flat, non — porous surface. Mix thoroughly to a uniform colour using a plastic spreader or putty knife. Mix with firm pressure using smooth back & forth wiping motion. Now, apply a thin layer of the mixture with putty knife on to the prepared surface. Employ enough pressure to assure maximum adhesion work up thickness & overlap edges of damaged area and to eliminate any air bubbles. (Note: Do not return unused mixed material back in the can.)

Sanding should be done using coarse sand paper such as P80 no. emery paper and finer sanding for featheredging with P180 no. emery paper. After, hard drying can apply primer and paint as required.


  • Appearance : Thixotropic paste type
  • Specific Gravity in Kg. / Ltr. : 1.45/-0.03
  • % Solids in weight : 89+/-2
  • Colour : White
  • Mixing Ratio(Base : Hardener : Paste ) :98 parts : 2 parts (wt./Wt.)
  • Drying Time @ 30 ° C Temp. :: (Base: 98 part + Hardener Paste: 2 part) : Touch Dry :5 Minites, Tack Free Dry :15 minites, Sandability After :30 minites
  • Pot Life @ 30 ° C Temp (Base: 98 part + Hardener Paste: 2 part) : 3 minutes max.
  • Shelf Life : 6 months from the date of manufacturing in original tightly closed containers if kept away from direct sunlight and excessive heat.

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