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JCK Coating offers Premium Range of NC Lacquer Thinner, PU Thinner, GP Thinner etc.

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Our Products


Premium range of Acrylic, General Purpose Thinner, Turpentine, Nitrocellulose, Polyurethane, Epoxy & Lacquer Thinners based on virgin solvents.

Wood Finishes

Premium range of Nitrocellulose & Polyurethane Lacquers, Wood Finishing Oils & Wood Stains

Auto Refinishes

Premium range of Auto Primers, Light Weight Body Fillers, Metallic & Epoxy Lacquers


Our Thinner Products

NC Lacquer Thinner

JCK NC Lacquer Thinner used in thinning NC Fillers, Sanding Sealer, Primer Surfacer, Topcoat Lacquers and solvent base wood stains.

PU Thinner

Our PU Thinner suitable for medium slow evaporating of esters and aromatic solvents and also used as diluent for sealer, primer and lacquer paints.


NC Thinner Gold can be used for thinning NC Sanding sealer, NC Primer ,NC Topcoat Clears and Pigmented Topcoats. NC Thinner Gold is compatible with all NC products.

JCK Coating Industries

About Us

JCK COATING INDUSTRIES manufactures premium range of Thinners, Wood Finishes and Auto Refinishes. JCK COATINGS is located at Kandla Special Economic Zone, in the State of Gujarat, India.

Today, JCK COATINGS is a multi-million technologically advanced international business with a reputation for innovation quality and service. Our distribution offices are dedicated in providing you, our customer with a solution for your finishing needs. Our strength is a high-quality product range and a fast and direct contact to our customers. Our specialist and expert assistance are always ready to advise the solution and choice of products.

JCK produces various products such as: Lacquer Thinner, Industrial Chemical Cleaning Solvents, Nitrocellulose Products, Paint diluent Thinner, NC Sanding Sealer, NC Primer, etc, and also being a direct super supplier in gulf segments (Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Dubai(UAE)) to offer lowest price without middle level distribution.

The key products JCK manufactures and exports globally are NC Lacquer Thinner, PU Thinner, NC Thinner Gold etc.

JCK Products & Advantages


JCK COATINGS manufacturer premium range of Wood Coatings, Auto Refinishing Ancillaries and Thinner offering distinctive superior quality products among the competitors. JCK COATINGS come with know-how included and customer care is a companywide virtue.

Reason behind JCK COATINGS success is Fair Trade Practice. Trust & Goodwill are the core of our business. We built up trust, reliability, confidence and goodwill among all our stake holders, customers, employees, workers and society at large. We give preference to customers and we do business on principles. We ensure that any business transaction with JCK COATINGS will be of mutual gain.

The Company cherishes strong long term relationships with customers at every level. Personal attention, after sales service and technical backup are cornerstones of the business. Our business managers are trained professionals handling all customers in all aspects of finishing, problem solving and efficient production techniques. They also conduct product demonstrations and assist customers with onsite training. JCK’s Research & Development department is responsible for all product development and testing and certification, and for formulating all the company’s new products.

Moreover, JCK retains top quality in all thinner products, and make avail (exports & supplies) each at lowest prices across gulf countries, such as Kuwait Oman Qatar Saudi Arabia Dubai(UAE)

Innovation & Adoption


JCK COATINGS commits major resources to Research and Development. At our R&D facilities technicians and specialists are working continuously to expand the possibilities, to bring new products to the market. This culminates our capability to offer products which exceeds customer expectations.

JCK Coating Industries
JCK Coating Industries
JCK Coating Industries

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